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You claim sovereigny on your life.

You want to bring your baby into the world in full power,  

and manifest a wild home birth,

connected to the innate wisdom of you body.

I'm here to hold your hand during pregnancy and beyond;

while you step into the motherhood of your dreams.

I provide holistic prenatal care to women

who are ready to take 100% responsability for their health and experience.

My practice is evidence-based, mother-centered

 and informed by the physiology of pregnancy and birth.

I am not a medical provider.

I am not a doula nor a licensed midwide, by choice.

I do not believe pregnancy or birth to be medical events.

I am a wise woman, a mother and a sister.

I am a birth keeper.

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You are a smart, conscious and intuitive pregnant woman, in tune with your emotions.

You want to feel vibrant and comfortable in your body. You want to be loved and cared for in this sensitive time. You wish someone would ask you how you feel, help you process your fears approaching the birth, and support you as the holistic being that you are.

I'm here to help you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for a beautiful sovereign homebirth birth in which you are centered, and honored.  

My tools include active listening, knowledge of the physiology of pregnancy and birth, nutrition, story medicine, movement, and my wisdom as a birth keeper and mother.



You are a smart and independant woman ready to claim autonomy on your body and birth.


You dream of a beautiful homebirth, intense and magical. You want this birth to set the foundation for a joyful motherhood.

You are just not exactly sure how to manifest it. 

In this hour-long session, I guide you to visualise the birth of your dreams and anchor it in your mind, heart and body. Then, I share tools and resources, my knowledge of the physiology of birth, and my wisdom as a birth keeper to help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

At the end of the process, you write your detailled birth plan.

This will be a tool you can use to communicate your needs and desires to your partner, birth attendants and anyone present as you birth in full power.





You are a smart, conscious and intuitive pregnant woman, excited to meet your baby. 


You are prepared for birth but have difficulty imagining what life will be like once your baby is here. You have anxieties around your recovery, and adapting to your new reality as a mother. You fear feeling overwhelmed and isolated.


You wish there was a woman, another mother to support you in making this vulnerable time a beautiful and joyful memory.

Together we manifest the postpartum of your dreams: 40 days to care for your physical body, be held emotionally, and process the spiritual experience that is birth. 

Book a 60 minutes postpartum session and receive my free Guide for a Golden Postpartum



In these sessions, I listen to your birth story (or stories). 

This is an opportunity to be heard, to unpack and process this major rite of passage. 

Together we will create a container where you can feel your emotions fully, where you can packing and understand what *really* happened during your birth.


If you desire, I will also teach you the most powerful tools that I know so that you can draw on your innate power and take full responsability for your experience.


Ultimately my intention is to offer my presence, my knowledge of the physiology of birth, and my wisdom as a teacher to help you move forward as a mother with clarity and confidence.


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Thank you for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon! 

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