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Shadow on Concrete Wall


I create experiences for you to be unapologetically yourself,

relate to others authentically, and build intimacy.



You are a smart, open-minded, conscious human,

You are always open to new experiences,

You seek to empower yourself to live true to your essence.

You crave connection,

you're willing to go deep and get real

to have authentic relationships.

Embark on a month-long collective journey made of 8 sessions ;

An experience weaving together self-mastery

and connecting practices.

We will use movement such as dance to connect to our bodies;

We will practice expressing emotions fully and authentically;

We will learn self-mastery tools to get out of drama and into taking 100% responsibility;


From that place of personal power, and inner alignment, we will connect with each other using conscious language and radical honesty.


And because this is how I live and work,

while being real deep work, it will be playful, joyful and fun!

Next dates:

To be Announced


Shadow on Concrete Wall


I create experiences for you to relate to others authentically, and build intimacy.

Conscious communication - Learn how to see and be seen, listen and be heard;

Conscious touch - Learn to ask for what you want to receive;

Extatic love - Connect, be sensual, playful, wild, animalistic, present, enjoy love and beauty.

I am open for bookings.

If you wish for me to weave an experience,

for you, your couple, gatherings, events and festivals.


Please send me an email

Tropical Leaves


Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon! 

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